terms of use


‣ regarding reupload of my artwork from any of my social media platforms to another website/application, please contact me for my permission+credit. 

‣ reposting my art from my blog/twitter to another tumblr blog/twitter account is prohibited. please reblog/retweet the original instead. 

‣ reposting my artwork with credit but without my permission is prohibited.

commissioned artwork

‣ regarding commissioned work, i own all rights unless agreed upon otherwise with the commissioner. 

‣ the commissioner is only permitted usage of the artwork on the terms agreed upon. usage exceeding the purpose of the project is prohibited and will result in an additional fee.

‣ changes made beyond the agreed terms and/or completed payment may be subject to an additional fee.

general artwork

‣ commercial use+redistribution featuring my artwork is prohibited. if there is interest in doing so, please contact me.

‣ any edits, tracing, and other forms of reproduction of my artwork is prohibited.

‣ using my artwork to create any type of charms, prints, and such commercial items that already exist on my online store is prohibited.

‣ using my artwork for personal use such as skins for a device, video game console, and so on, is allowed so long as it is not for commercial use. permission is not necessary. 

‣ using my artwork for icon/profile images/RP icons is allowed. permission is not necessary, credit is appreciated.

‣ using my artwork for header images is allowed. permission is not necessary, credit is mandatory.

‣ translating my comics into another language is allowed, permission is not necessary. however, for reposting the translated comic to another site, please refer to the reposting terms.

if there are any other questions, concerns, or requests,
please contact me at 6lightyears@gmail.com

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